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Our Research & Development

Since invention of Petrol and Diesel Engines in the late 19th Century, research is going on to develop the engines from different points of view. Modern high performance Road Vehicles and Stationary Diesel Engines are the outcome of continuous Research & Development in Automotive Industries. All moving parts of Engines, Machinery & Equipments need to provide viscous friction instead of solid frictions. Slow moving parts require greasy friction where working pressure is high.

Lubricants play a major role between two moving parts to reduce frictional power loss, corrosion, shock, provide cleanliness of moving parts, assist in cooling system and so on. To perform these key roles, lubricants are selected from various base Oils and appropriate additives are blended for improvement of lubricating properties.

As development is a continuous process in engine designs by the R&D of the engine manufactures, the lubricants are also changed in their characteristics to provide best performance as demanded by the engine manufactures. In India, massive change has come in Automotive Industries in the last 3-4 decades.

Our company entered into the lubricating market during the rapid development period of Automotive Industries. So our R&D had been working accordingly befitting to the requirements of modern engines. In India, the ambient temperature varies from very low temperature in heavy snowfall area in the hills section to very high temperature in the desert zone of the plains.

Our R&D had to study the performance requirements of the lubricants considering the road conditions also. As a result, customized products have been formulated varying the ratio of additives to improve the properties of lubricants for best performance in varied temperatures & road conditions.

Our R&D also monitors our production in process for Quality Assurance & Quality Control by conducting various tests of specified methods of National & International standards. Our R&D team is well trained & highly skilled in the field and maintaining overall control of our product quality & developing newly customized products. Our in-house testing labs are well equipped & totally under control of R&D. Sometimes, we also test our products through Govt. accredited laboratories for confirmation to desired specifications and satisfactory results.

Apart from Automotive Lubricants, our R&D has been devoting, their valuable time & skills in developing Industrial Lubricants & Industrial Specialty Oils for our valued customer’s full satisfaction. We have already entered into modern industrial age. India has become a big player in the global scenario of industrial engineering. Application of advanced science & technology has generated most sophisticated methods of industrial production which have developed a lot of new machinery & equipments.

To run smoothly and maintain properly, lubricants are essential in all industries. Speeds, pressure, temperature, materials of component parts have demanded different type of lubricants of different characteristics. The tools, equipments & machinery manufacturers specified performance requirements of lubricants. Apart from Govt. aided scientific & industrial research organizations, the R & D of corporate sector plays a vital role in product developments. Our R&D is always upgrading the quality of industrial lubricants & specialty Oils maintaining the parameters of National & International standards for industries. Our product range for industrial lubricants covers almost all the requirements of all types of industries.

There are some Industrial Specialty Oils which are used as inputs of Industries, like Rubber Processing Oils, Cutting Oils, Transformer Oils, White Oils, Quenching Oils, Petroleum Jelly etc. As the products of those industries are changing their quality to meet the customers satisfaction, the newly developed tools. machinery & equipments have changed the performance characteristics of lubricants. As for example, modern thermo-fluid boiler has created demand of thermic oil for heat transfer media. Similarly sheet metal working industries, have created the demand of cutting Oils. Our R&D team is always aware of the continuous changes in Industrial tools machinery & equipments and developing our products to meet the changed performance requirements as specified by the national & international standard organizations. We do prefer our Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as they prescribe specifications considering working conditions in Indian working environments. If we are given sample of an oil , our R&D is able to analyze in our labs and produce tailor cut products for any particular industry or, if we are provided with the characteristics of a product, our R&D is able to produce the same required Product. Our each and every product gets approval from our R&D before marketing.